watch straps from alligator skin.
watch strap from crocodile skin.
watch straps, from crocodile skin.
watch straps, from crocodile skin.
watch strap from crocodile skin.
watch straps.
watch straps.
watch straps from lizard skin.
Watch Strap 18mm. - Stefano Bemer - JustSoStyle

Watch Straps

Watch Strap ~ 18mm.

Non EU: €383.59

Perfection of a watchband can change the flair and look of your favorite timepiece. Leather watch straps is the epitome of stylistic pureness. Reflecting a deliberately minimalist approach striking a beautifully balance between lines of watch and a leather strap.

Watches asserts its personality through the leather strap... alligator leather, shark skin, elephant leather are radiates an elegance and inspired by excellence artistic craft. Resulting from exceptional mastery of handmade, along with rigorous precision and perfectly craftsmanship your watch will get a perfect individual look. We do not offer fashion - we offer style.

  • Model name: 18mm. - Made-To-Order.
  • Style: Classic.
  • Origin: Florentine workshop Stefano Bemer in Italy.
  • Upper material: only high quality leather. Alligator skin, Lizard, Crocodile.
  • Buckle: 18mm.
  • Lining: choice high quality Italian leather.
  • Delivery time: the typical delivery time is 6 - 8 weeks / watch straps made to order are non refundable.
  • Colour: in assortment.
  • We'll customize it for you!.

All watch straps are made only with high quality leather.

*Please note that all Stefano Bemer watch straps can be customized to your preferences. This includes the colour and type of leather as well as the style.

Here are a few examples of straps that we have created and are available in Stefano Bemer workshops. Couldn't find what you have in mind?