Vercafè Classic. Ground ~ 250g.
Vercafè Classic. Ground ~ 250g.
Vercafè Classic. Ground ~ 250g.
Vercafè Classic. Ground ~ 250g.


Vercafè Classic. Ground ~ 250g.


Green Coffee. * Classic *

Powder for Espresso, Moka or Infusers.

Coffee is the most famous drink in the world but the most famous coffee is the Italian Espresso. Therefore here is a new way to drinking coffee, whilst keeping alive the Italian tradition.
Vercafe is innovative because of its principal ingredient, Green Coffee, and for its many ways to prepare it.

The best way to prepare Vercafe is for sure the Espresso: with the heat and the high water pressure the many properties of the green coffee are extracted in the best way.

You can also obtain very good result also via moka or via simple infusion.

Vercafe is also great cold: you can prepare it and refrigerate it; you can also ask your barista a Vercafe cold shake.

Mixture for green coffee in-fusions, Suitable for all the coffee machines, moka and infusers.
To obtain the best result, it is preferable to use specific coffee machines.

How to use:
Fill the filter with the quantity of mixture inside the filter firmly, attach the filter holder to the machine and press ON.
Moka: follow the standard preparation procedures.
For infusers: Put the mixture in the specific holder and leave for infusion for 10-15 minutes.

- Green Coffee 80%;
- Powdered sugar (sugar, rice starch);
- Mint;
- Heavy base of spirulina and safflower, aromas. May contain traces of barley.

Green coffee properties:

Nutrition declaration: 100g.

  • KJ - 1282 KJ;
  • Kcal - 310 Kcal;
  • Lipids - 11 g.;
- of which saturated fatty acids - 8,2 g.;
  • Carbs - 22 g.;
- of which sugar - 14 g.;
  • Fiber - 41 g.;
  • Proteins - 10 g.;
  • Salt - 0,08 g.
  • Grams per package - 250 g.