shoe care products.
shoe care products.

Boot Black

Two Face Plus Lotion 100ml

Non EU: €17.60

Shoe cleaner for smooth leather. Clean and safe your quality leather shoes with Two Face Lotion. Two Face Lotion from Boot Black, contains two fluids in one bottle:

  • a leather cleaner (a non-toxic solvent);
  • leather conditioner (argan oil).

The organic solvent will remove dirt, water based stains and old polish residue. The argan oil, used in many premium facial products, will greatly nurish the leather and create an excellent base to apply the Boot Black cream or polishing. The shoes will be clean, supple and have a nice shine a long time.

Note that the two liquids will seperate in time. Simply shake until a soft, milky colour appears. Also you can remove white dirt (such as salt) that comes out after getting wet with the rain. The drying will be quick and smooth creamy finish will make the cream feel better.

Shoe cleaner for smooth leather 100ml in a plastic bottle. This cleansing lotion has double effect to remove both oil based stain and water based stain at one time. Formulated with moisturinzing ingredient to give a moist feeling.