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shoe care products.

Boot Black

Suede Spray

Non EU: €26.20

Suede Spray of Boot Black is a dirt prevention spray dedicated to brushed leather (suede, velor, nubuck). It penetrates fine fibers of brushed leather and protects the shoe from water, dirt and oils. Optimal use Suede Spray: shake well before using. After removing the dust and dirt on the shoes, spray it evenly over the shoes, holding it about 15 - 20 cm away from the shoe. Allow approximately 10 seconds per pair as a guide.

Note: There are some leathers that stains and discolors. It is recommended to spray in an inconspicuous part before use. Do not spray the inside of the shoes. Recomendation: On rainy days, apply the spray approximately 30 minutes before going outside.

Ingredients of spray: N-heptane, butane, isoparaffin, silicone resin, fluororesin, jojoba oil, primary petroleum oil 180 ml

This is a colour renovating spray for napped leather like suede and nubuck. It does not affect the breathing properties of the material while making it water-repellent.