Shoe Tree.

Boot Black

Shoe Tree

Non EU: €225.00

A shoe tree is a device are necessary for the longevity of shoes. It is a reusable alternative to wadded rags or newspapers. Always put shoe trees into your shoes as soon as you take off your shoes. After a day of wear your shoes have stretched out of shape. By putting shoe trees in the shoes while still warm and malleable you can bring them back into shape. In addition, they will gently stretch the shoe, minimising wrinkles and preventing the natural bowing as a result of wear.

Perhaps more important than maintaining the shape, shoe trees also play a crucial part of wicking away leather-damaging moisture from the inside. Cedar shoe trees will help wick away damaging moisture and is great ballast against odour. A shoe trees "Boot Black" are made from quality red cedar wood and crafted with a no compromises approach to quality. Have twin tube and wax finished shoe tree.

It's ensures the shape of the shoe and helps to prevent creasing in the leather.