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Oxford shoes
Oxford shoes
Oxford shoes
Oxford shoes
Oxford shoes
MODEL 6471 - Stefano Bemer - JustSoStyle


Oxford Cap Toe ~ Black

Non EU: €1,281.39

The Italian air can be felt in your hand... it seems he always says “Hey, I’m here! Do you feel me?”. This Oxford shoe is the aspect of comfort and indeed wearability that will be unexpected surprise for you.

All details of shoes is done by hand, and can far surpassed of your expectations the soft, supple leather beautifully juxtaposed against the inherent formality. The thread used in stitching the welt to the sole is made on site, done so via a process of twisting individual strands and to coat in pure beeswax to ensure the longevity of the shoe.

Buying a pair of these shoe is equated to much more than the simple ownership of a pair of shoes. But rather, it signifies you buying into a certain way of being. You buy not fashion - you buy a timeless style.

Basic Model: A clean cut shoe highlighting the silhouette of the J last and the beauty of the extended cap. The 6471 is shaped over J last. The J last enhances elegantly and sensually the curve of the instep towards the ball line. The elongated nose, elevated instep and slimmer width (sitting between a D and a E) make this last contemporary without diminishing its elegance.

  • Model name: 6471.
  • Made-To-Order
  • Style: Oxford Cap Toe.
  • Origin: Florentine workshop in Italy.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Upper material: French Box Calf leather.
  • Lining: Italian baby calf leather.
  • Insole: Italian cow leather.
  • Goodyear - welted leather lining, insole, and outsole.
  • Last: J.
  • Sole: rough leather cow.
  • Delivery time: 8 weeks delivery time.

Also we leave every other possible combination to your imagination! Based on a standard size, the Made-To-Order service allows for a range of customization options. The typical delivery time is 8 - 10 weeks.

Each shoe shipped with lasted shoe trees and a beautiful wooden box for proper storage. For more information about proper shoe care and shoe care products please visit our Shoe care section.