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shoe care products.

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Leather Sole Conditioner

Non EU: €17.63

You’ve have into top class footwear, but you think leather soles really don’t make any sense. You walk a little on the street and then you are spend the rest of my day in a carpeted office. But you must remember that your shoes need to be resoled. Why higher-end shoes make with leather soles? And the answer will be very simple - it's top class shoes. So you need take care of the leather sole. Although shoe leather is tough, you must take care of the sole of your shoe.

You have leather soles with more steps. If you take care of your shoes, they will be live a long time. You have new shoes with the leather soles. Cool, but you should avoid wearing these shoes on rainy days... at least until the soles are well scuffed. Always let your shoe and soles dry naturally and the leather layers will not to separate. If your shoe and sole obtained salt, wash it off.

Take care about the sole of your shoe with Leather Sole Conditioner. This conditioner makes leather sole flexible and prevents on sole from the typical stiffening or cracking caused by rain and wet weather.

Conditioner for leather sole 100ml in a plastic bottle. Formulated with Jojoba and mineral oils, this conditioner makes leather sole flexible. Non-sticky finish.

Made in Japan.