shoe care products.
shoe care products.

Boot Black

Leather Lotion 100ml

Non EU: €15.80

"Boot Black" Leather Lotion have a low odour, unscented lotion that will remove dirt build up, silicone and wax from any smooth leather surface. This leather lotion is also effective against water and salt stains. These seaweed cream will gently moisturise the leather and restore it to its natural beauty. The shoes and leather goods will be left with a soft shine. For optimal use lotion on shoes, apply the Leather Lotion before applying the shoe cream or shoe polish.

"Boot Black" Leather Lotion, perfect for smooth leather, alligator, cordovan, crocodile and ostrich. This is a translucent leather cleanser. Because it is clear, it is easy to see the dirt and old polish coming away from your leather shoes.

Shoe cleaner for smooth leather 100ml in a plastic bottle.

Made in Japan.