Oxford lateral lace.  www.justsostyle.net
Lateral Lace ~ Burgundy
Oxford lateral lace.  www.justsostyle.net


Lateral Lace ~ Burgundy

Non EU: €1,360.00

Ever since the Sixties, from London to Tokyo, the Lateral Lace stays an iconic symbol of fine bootmaking craftsmanship. Businessmen, writers and artists wear it as a statement of their unique personality and sense of elegance.

Resolutely audacious, the interpretation of the Lateral Lace is nonetheless elegant, its fine, distinguished and sculptured curves is a timeless silhouette for today’s busy man who loves a little humour.

Eccentricity and style it's both qualities celebrated with lateral thinking push to the maximum in a small workshop in Florence. Made of a single piece of leather called “One cut”. These lateral lace Oxfords have a Goodyear welted construction, as are all prestige line shoes. This construction is almost indestructible and can be indefinitely resoled.

The leather upper and welt are sewn together, after which the sole and the welt are linked together by a seam called “petit points”. This savoir-faire is a clear indicator of quality and durability. Technically perfect, the Lateral Lace came out of lateral thinking and makes this shoes stand out with its unique and atypical shape.

Basic Model: our interpretation of a Lateral Lace Burgundy Oxford. French box calf. Lateral Lace is shaped over C most elegant last. The C has a classic look and rather easy fitting, with a width close to an E and an average instep angle. The C last is still the root of most of the bespoke lasts we produce.

  • Model name: Lateral Lace
  • Made-To-Order.
  • Style: Oxford Lateral Lace.
  • Origin: Florentine workshop in Italy.
  • Colour: Burgundy.
  • Upper material: French Box Calf leather.
  • Piping: Burgundy.
  • Lining: Italian baby calf leather.
  • Insole: Italian cow leather.
  • Goodyear - welted leather lining, insole, and outsole.
  • Last: C.
  • Sole: rough leather cow.
  • Delivery time: the typical delivery time is 10 - 12 weeks / shoes made to order are non refundable.

Also we leave every other possible combination to your imagination! Based on a standard size, the Made-To-Order service allows for a range of customization options. The typical delivery time is 10 - 12 weeks.

Each shoe shipped with lasted shoe trees and a beautiful wooden box for proper storage. For more information about proper shoe care and shoe care products please visit our Shoe care section.