Golf shoes.
Golf shoes.
Golf shoes.

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Golf Shoes ~ White & Brown

Non EU: €1,450.41

These handmade golf shoes are combines elegance and love for this noble sport. A good pair of golf shoes is essential to allow you to enjoy your time in the play. Golf shoes are a key weapon in your armoury and deserves special attention to improve your game.

A key advantage of spiked golf shoes is the stability that it can bring to your swing through better grip and because the upper of the shoe is likely to be more stable. Handmade construction has allowed traditional golf shoes to develop that are both lightweight and offer the stability demanded by serious players.

The main body of the shoe crafted of white leather. The classic spiked golf shoe offers comfort, breathability, water resistance, style and traction. Wooden shank reinforces the waist of the shoe and prevents it from collapsing or distorting in wear. The golf studs are removable and it allows to wear this beautiful shoes on the course and out.

Basic Model: a rather elegant Golf shoes, full brogue in French Box Calf. A classic Golf shoes inspired looking shoe that features our signature deep wing, in French Box Calf leather.

Golf shoes is shaped over C last, Stefano Bemer’s first and most elegant last. The C has a classic look and rather easy fitting, with a width close to an E and an average instep angle. The C last is still the root of most of the bespoke lasts we produce.

  • Model name: Golf ShoesMade-To-Order.
  • Style: Golf shoes.
  • Origin: Florentine workshop Stefano Bemer in Italy.
  • Colour: two contrasting colours, white and brown.
  • Upper material: French Box Calf Leather.
  • Lining: Italian baby calf leather.
  • Insole: Italian cow leather.
  • Goodyear - welted leather lining, insole, and outsole.
  • Last: C.
  • Sole: rough leather cow with the golf studs.
  • Delivery time: the typical delivery time is 8 - 10 weeks / shoes made to order are non refundable.
Also we leave every other possible combination to your imagination! Based on a standard size, the Made-To-Order service allows for a range of customization options. The typical delivery time is 6 - 10 weeks.

    Each shoe shipped with lasted shoe trees and a beautiful wooden box for proper storage. For more information about proper shoe care and shoe care products please visit our Shoe care section.