shoe care products.
shoe care products.

Boot Black

Edge Crayon

Non EU: €13.80

The "Boot Black" series makes some of the best shoe creams available. Take care of your shoes and leather goods. Edge Crayon will restore and enhance the colour the edges of your leather goods. likewise you appreciate the shoemaker's attention, poured into the creation of shoes, we believe that you need to do the same thing for the care of your shoes and leather goods.

We recommend the use of Edge Crayon "Boot Black" for colouring the edges and heels of your shoes also edges of leather goods in order to assure the most knowledgeable approach to the maintenance of your shoes and leather goods. Edge Crayon "Boot Black" is wax crayon is a convenient tool for those looking to touch up scuffed edges on your shoe. The Edge Crayon helps to cover up scuffs and cuts along the leather edges of shoes, renewing and restoring the edges, the wax provides protection against wear and tear as well as rain water.

Note: rub the crayon across edge of your shoes or leather goods. The crayon may also be used for leather heels. Subsequently, brush off the excess to a high shine. Colour complementing crayon for leather sole edges 10 g. in a box. This is a crayon for colouring the sole edges, welts and heels of leather soled shoes. Easy-to-use stick type.

Made in Japan.