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shoe care products.

Boot Black

Crocodile Cream

Non EU: €33.30

The "Boot Black" series makes some of the best shoe creams available. When you buy a high-end shoes, leather goods and fashion wear, you need take care of them so that it will last for as long as possible.

Of course, once you bought items of crocodile skin, start control of them leather. However, before you start take care about your fashionable new footwear, there are a few general tips we can share with you so that you can the most along life out your crocodile leather products.

Storage Tips.

When you not use, crocodile leather items such as shoes, them should be kept in a cool, dry environment. For example of an appropriate place to store crocodile leather footwear would be in a shoe closet. For larger crocodile leather pieces, such as fashion wear, avoid folding them tightly. Crocodile leather, particularly caiman skin, has calcium deposits in it that makes the skin more rigid. Ideally they should be hung on a coat hanger. Crocodile leather belts should also be hung by their belt buckles to avoid causing cracks in the leather.

Cleaning Tips.

Exposing leather to excess water can cause damage to the finish, so very important avoid excess moisture is a must to keep leather looking like new for longer. So, if your crocodile leather wear gets wet, it is important to clean off the excess moisture promptly. To remove excess moisture, gently rub with a soft, dry towel or cleaning cloth. It is important to avoid direct sunlight or any other direct heat source when drying the leather, as that may cause damage to the finish and result in discoloration or cracks.

After the leather is dry, apply leather of "Boot Black" Mild Leather Lotion and help protect the finish and keep it looking with Crocodie cream of "Boot Black".

With proper care of crocodile leather should remain beautiful and ready for use for years to come. You can help prolong the useful life of exotic leather goods and keep your goods for a long time.

Made in Japan.

Available in 60 g. in jar.

  • This is an emulsified cream, formulated with quality natural waxes and silicon oil which provides original luster of crocodile leather.