Comfortable derby shoes, will accompany you, every day.
derby shoes, will accompany you, every day.
derby shoes, will accompany you, every day.
derby shoes in an elegant style.
derby shoes.
derby shoes.
Apron Derby ~ "Giorgio" Brown
Derby shoes.


Apron Derby ~ "Giorgio" Brown

Non EU: €361.80

Giorgio are is a beautifully elegant yet contemporary derby style. Apron derby shoe with three eyelets... is this worth a modern gentleman?

Giorgio are shoes are handmade in old Italian traditions and incredible work in finishing. This classic derby with unique style that return you to the quality of the last century only thanks to the painstaking work of the shoemaker.

Apron derby have a considerable amount of comfort for men who have a broader foot and a developed instep. In many cases a retrospective view on shoes, “It was better before,” does not belong to these shoes.

The culture of elegant shoes is still gorgeous, classic shoes are worn around the world... these are timeless style. The outsole Stefano Borella Red is the hallmark of the Italian style of the brand Stefano Borella.

  • Model name: Giorgio
  • Style: Apron Derby
  • Origin: workshop of Stefano Borella in Italy.
  • Colour: Brown hand painted, dark toe and heel.
  • Hand painted and hand polishing.
  • Upper material: full-grain calfskin.
  • Three-eyelets lace-up front.
  • Lining: high quality of Italian baby calf leather.
  • Insole: high quality of Italian cow leather.
  • Blake/Rapid construction - binds the leather insole to midsole and midsole with further layer of leather.
  • Sole: rough leather cow, red finish leather sole.
  • Delivery time: ready to ship.