Ankle boots.
Ankle boots.
Ankle boots.
Ankle Boots, for all weather.
Ankle boots, a great classic boots, everyone must have.
Ankle Boots ~ "Rubens" Red SB
Ankle Boots, for all weather.


Ankle Boots ~ "Rubens" Red SB

Non EU: €398.37

The boots "Rubens" with the interior side zip, is elegantly stylish, boasting fine pure lines and heightened space. These boots is known for its distinctive silhouette, sleek lines, and smooth contours that accentuate its original shape.

The "Rubens" boots with the interior side zip today are extremely popular due to their simplistic and classic look. They can be dressed very easily. "Rubens" Boots are crafted from best full-grain calf leather. The leather sole and wooden shank reinforces the waist of the shoe and prevents it from collapsing or distorting in wear. Stefano Borella outsole in red is the hallmark of the Italian style of the brand Stefano Borella.

The "Rubens" boots with interior side zip are often represented as model for fall and winter though these boots is nowadays worn all year long. The "Rubens" boots are gives a men timeless charm and signals heritage - some would even say old fashion alpha male power. This boots suits idealy with denim or any of your suits.

  • Model name: "Rubens".
  • Style: Ankle Boots.
  • Origin: workshop of Stefano Borella in Italy.
  • Colour: Red SB.
  • Hand painted and hand polishing.
  • Upper material: full-grain calfskin.
  • Interior side zip.
  • Lining: soft Italian baby calf leather.
  • Insole: high quality of Italian cow leather.
  • Sole: rough leather cow.
  • Blake/Rapid construction - binds the leather insole to midsole and midsole with further layer of leather.
  • Delivery time: ready to be shipped.