Ankle Boots.
Ankle Boots.
Ankle Boots.
Ankle Boots.

Oscar William

Ankle Boots ~ Model "Royce" Grey

Non EU: €1,179.30

Wearing boots somehow exude a great sense of authority and immediately identifies the wearer as being a man of distinction. Once we decide to wear boots the next question that arises is which one?

You will adore these Ankle-boot. Fortunately, Ankle-boot have become increasingly popular with men interested in fine clothing and quality footwear.

As such, one could argue that Ankle-boot is currently undergoing a renaissance and it seems like more men's are willing to add these boots into their collection. In the past Ankle-boot crafted from alligator skin was exclusively reserved just for bespoke collection.

These "Royce" boot are with the lace-up and two side zip, crafted from Italian Calf leather and Alligator skin. The leather sole and wooden shank reinforces the waist of the shoe and prevents it from collapsing or distorting in wear.

Basic Model: is shaped over last, first and most elegant last. They has a classic look and rather easy fitting, with a width close and an average instep angle. These last is still the root of most of the bespoke lasts we produce.

  • Model name: Special Collection "Royce" - Made-To-Order.
  • Style: Ankle Boots.
  • Origin: Small workshop Oscar William in London, UK.
  • Colour: Grey & black toe.
  • Upper material: Italian Calf leather and Alligator skin.
  • Hand polishing.
  • Lace-up front and two side zip
  • Lining: Italian baby calf leather.
  • Insole: Italian cow leather.
  • Goodyear - welted leather lining, insole, and outsole.
  • Last: C.
  • Sole: rough leather cow.
  • Delivery time: the typical delivery time is 4 - 6 weeks / shoes made to order are non refundable.

Also we leave every other possible combination to your imagination! Based on a standard size, the Made-To-Order service allows for a range of customization options. The typical delivery time is 2 - 4 weeks.

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