Virtual Coffee House

Man is infinitely small in the face of Nature, but infinitely great if he agrees to be part of it. (Blaise Pascal)

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, but the most famous is the Italian espresso. We propose the new way of drinking coffee, while keeping alive the Italian tradition. Vercafè is innovative for the green coffee and for the many preparation methods.

But what is green coffee?

You’ve probably heard about the long-standing health debate on drinking coffee. Researchers go back and forth on whether the popular brew is good for you. There is also controversy about the use of green coffee beans. Green Coffee Beans became well-known and popular their properties:

  • a fat metabolism;
  • a blood glucose control;
  • antioxidant action;
  • diuretic activity;
  • glycemic control;
  • slimming effect;
  • anti-inflammatory action;
  • lower dose of caffeine;
  • slow absorption;
  • lower acidity.

Discover Green Coffee.

Vercafe Green coffee is coffee from coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. Coffee beans contain compounds known as chlorogenic acids. Some believe these compounds have antioxidant effects, help lower blood pressure, and help you lose weight. Roasting coffee reduces chlorogenic acid content. This is why drinking coffee isn’t thought to have the same weight loss effects as the unroasted beans.

The best way to prepare the Vercafè green coffee is certainly the Italian espresso:


  • Vercafè Classic.
  • Vercafè Ginseng.
  • Vercafè Ginger.

But you can get also very good results preparing Vercafè with a Moka or as an infusion. The Vercafè green coffee is also good to drink cold.


Green Coffee.