Vercafe. The original taste of green coffee.

The original taste of green coffee.

Among the Brazilian coffees, Santos is the most famous thanks to its taste sweet and clear. The Rio coffee has an aroma and a pungent flavor.

The Mexicans are soft, full-bodied with good acidity. The provinces most famous are those of Coatepec, Huatusco and Orizaba.

The most famous of Guatemala are Cobans and Antiguas. They have cups and good aromatic blends. The coffee Salvador are similar in quality to those of Guatemala.

The washed coffees of Nicaragua are good roasting and acid in the cup. The maker of high areas of Costa Rica are full-bodied, good flavor and moderate form blends above. The washed coffee from Cuba, Santo Domingo, Haiti and Jamaica are all similar in the seal cup, being products all in one area of the West Indies. The coffee of Peurto Rico are well toasted with a flavor similar to other cultivated in the West Indies.

Those are the most well-known Colombian Medellin coffee (roast nice and good flavor and body), and Armenia, Bogota, Bucaramanga, which are not lower than those of Medellin.

Those washed in Venezuela, as well as natural enjoy a good market. Those washed Caracas are best roasted, and cup. Those of Merida are considered by some as the best of Maracaibo, having a delicate flavor appreciated by the experts.

But all these distinct characteristics refer to the taste of roasted coffee. In fact, it is the roasting that allows any kind of release and enhance its features.

Raw state, however, all species are quite similar to each other, having a particular taste of grass and hay very bitter, very unpleasant to our habits. This is why, in order to obtain a product from the pleasant taste, it is necessary to add other ingredients to the mixture which dampen the look slightly bitter and make it more enveloping.

Green Coffee.