Vercafe. Green Coffee Propertis

Green coffee properties.

Several studies performed by scientists from various parts of the world, highlighted the beneficial properties of green coffee. Green coffee contains many antioxidants, including the most popular and abundant chlorogenic acid, a powerful natural antioxidant that can protect us from the action of toxic and mutagenic.

The most interesting action of green coffee is certainly concerned with the weight loss, in fact it has an effect of "fat-burning", that promotes the use of fat as "fuel" for energy. In addition to the tonic and slimming green coffee has several other beneficial properties that make it unique. In fact, it is also useful to increase athletic performance by reducing fatigue, has cardiotonic action, promotes digestion and promotes diuresis and drainage of body fluids.

The percentage of caffeine in green coffee is lower than in roasted coffee blends, as in the raw beans caffeine (or 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine) is associated with chlorogenic acid, forming the clorogenato of caffeine. This also involves a different absorption by the human body, which takes much more time to metabolize caffeine, but can also take benefit of its properties for al longer time.

Green coffee has antioxidant properties and has a very high pH less acidic than the roasted coffee. Among the health benefits to some studies also recognize the action against free radicals, as well as the ability to stimulate mental clarity and freshness.
Obviously we can not claim that a food or a supplement can act alone making us lose weight, we need to revise our way of life, with healthy eating and movement, it is essential to keep fit our body but also our mind.

In science the most important discovery is the ability of chlorogenic acid to intervene in the regulation of glucose levels in the blood, for specific action on the reactions of gluconeogenesis and hepatic glycogenolysis. Pharmacological studies have already shown that chlorogenic acid is an inhibitor of glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme that plays a major role in the homeostasis of blood glucose. These results were then confirmed by in vivo studies in which it is noted that, thanks to this mechanism of action, the chlorogenic acid is able to reduce the hepatic glycogenolysis (the conversion of glycogen to glucose in the liver) and glucose assets. Therefore there is a decrease in the rate of blood glucose in the blood and increased concentrations of hepatic glucose-6-phosphatase and glycogen.

The effect on the control of sugar in the body is amplified by a second mechanism: the inhibition of their absorption. It is assumed that this occurs through a mechanism of action specifically and directly on the cells of the intestinal mucosa, resulting in a reduction of the passage of sugar introduced into the circulation with the food.

Green Coffee able to accelerate the metabolism of sugars, to lower the peak glycemic, to intervene on the absorption of carbohydrates in the diet, and to control the synthesis of lipid-insulin-dependent. Finally it should be noted that chlorogenic acid, applied topically, has an intense draining, very useful to counter the accumulation of excess fluid typical of cellular tissues.

Green Coffee.