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Properties of Green Coffee.

Fat metabolism.

Green coffee contains molecules with a strong lipolytic action, ie cells that contain free lipids from fatty acids; in other words, they are real molecules " fat-burning ". However, these fatty acids released must be metabolized by the body, and therefore it is essential that physical activity aerobic metabolize the most of these substances, otherwise, in fact the body will report the fatty acids back into adipocytes, thwarting the lipolytic action of the green coffee.

Blood glucose control

The content of chlorogenic acid in green coffee inhibits a key enzyme in the process of regulating blood sugar by reducing the transformation of glycogen into glucose. Furthermore, green coffee acts directly on the cells of the intestine, it inhibits the intestinal absorption of sugars with a direct action and, in practice, a lower absorption translates into a lesser value of glucose in the blood.

Antioxidant property

Green coffee is an antioxidant 4 times more potent than green tea, thanks to the abundant presence of chlorogenic acid. In fact, it neutralizes free radicals in the human body, counteracting cell degeneration.

Anti-inflammatory property

Chlorogenic acid is metabolized in the intestine and converted into caffeic acid, a molecule with strong anti-inflammatory activity.

Slimming effect

Green coffee is now famous for his slimming effect. In fact, the active ingredients contained in green coffee beans are very useful when taken as part of a low-calorie diet aimed at weight loss, in asociation to a proper aerobic exercise.

Lower dose of caffeine

Green coffee contains a lower dose of caffeine than roasted coffee beans. Caffeine is found together with chlorogenic acid in a molecule that is cleaved by the roasting. After ingestion of green coffee caffeine is absorbed in a slow, gradual and continuous way. With roasted coffee the caffeine is instead absorbed faster causing a peak within 30-40 minutes.

Slow absorption

With the green coffee human body has a slow and continuous absorption of caffeine, which ensures to our body a minimum dose able to exercise a prolonged wholesome action. Avoiding the peak of caffeine in the blood results in a better state of alertness, vitality , alertness, typical sensations generated by caffeine. Furthermore, the liver has more time to metabolize caffeine, better performing its activity.

Lower level of acidity

Another reason to prefer Green coffee is its average pH = 5. This is more neutral, in contrappositiont to he acidic pH of roasted coffee ( 3.5 ), and it is less harmful to the gastric mucosa.


Green Coffee.