Vercafe. A new way to drink coffee.

A new way to drink coffee.

Coffee is the most diffused beverage in the world; it is prepared in many different ways, depending on the customs and traditions of the place, but the best known and most famous coffee is by far the espresso, born in Turin in 1884 and exported all over the world as a typical Italian specialty. Here is a new way of drinking coffee, born from the idea to offer a new product while keeping alive Italian tradition and excellence. Vercafè is innovative not so much for its preparation but for its main ingredient: green coffee.

The best way to prepare Vercafè is definitely the ''espresso". Thanks to the high water pressure in fact, this system is the most effective for the extraction of the properties and characteristics of the green coffee. You will get very good results even with moka or the simple infusion of the pod in the cup. In any case we recommend the preparation in a large cup.

With one solution so many uses!

Vercafè Espresso

The single-dose Vercafè pod has been designed to fit perfectly to all the filter holder compatible ESE 42 mm, for both professional machines and for home ones. The high content of the product within the pod (8.5 to 9 g) guarantees optimal extraction also for preparations in a large cup.

Vercafè with Moka

The preparation with moka is still the most common in Italy. There are many different types and models, and also one of these specially designed to accommodate the ESE pods. Just put the pod in the slot and follow the normal procedures of preparation to get a good Vercafè.

Vercafè infusion

Vercafè can also be prepared in a pot or in a large cup, leaving the pod infused in boiling water for 6-7 minutes, as you would do with a tea or herbal tea.

Green Coffee.