Shoe care products of "Boot Black" series

Matsudo factory produces all the shoe polishes and cleaners of Columbus. This facility has a great track record and level of expertise in shoe finishing agents and shoe polishes built up with our customers over the long period of more than 90 years since our establishment. "Boot Black” is also produced in Matsudo factory in Japan.

Boot Black is an old phrase from England meaning “a person who polishes shoes.” In olden times, the only types of shoes available were black boots and these were polished to improve the quality of their blackness.

This is how the expression Boot Black came to be.

Boot Black is produced by The Columbus Co., Ltd. This company has been manufacturing mainly leather shoe care products in Tokyo since 1919. The Columbus Co. Ltd., have a personal factory and work day in day out researching and developing leather care products.

We would love for you to take care of your leather goods, so we have chosen Boot Black leather care products for your use.