Stefano Bemer. Made-To-Order.

Made to Order Shoes.

As Stefano Bemer are born under the "bespoke" star, their mission is to bring out the vision that each customer has of himself. They have therefore decided to define a small core collection of styles that Stefano Bemer consider signature for the house's style (in the specific combination of last, leather and colour) and they leave every other possible combination to your imagination!

If you love shoes collection Stefano Bemer, Made-To-Order service opens your world to new dimensions. You have the opportunity to create your custom mens shoes from of styles, colours and lasts.

We also offer a selection of soles which can offer different qualities depending on the weather and the uses you may have for your shoes.

It could be a plain cap-toe Oxford that you need for business wear with a formal Oak Bark Single Leather sole or it could be a rugged informal outdoor boot for bad weather conditions with a rubber sole.

Tailor Made Shoes:

Ultimately giving you a pair of shoes custom made to your personal preferences. The Made-To-Order shoes gives you the choice so you don't have to compromise and purchase what is only in stock or on other websites.

Our simple step by step process ensures that you receive the tailor made shoes you desire as well as the service that will never be less than you expect to receive. Based on a standard size, the MTO service allows for a range of customization options.

The typical delivery time is 6-8 weeks.

How It Works.

Create your very own pair with the first class expertise and advice of craftsmen and sales assistants. You can modify the ready-to-wear collection on an even larger scale.

You can create a very unique shoe in a step by step process, which is very personalized.

The purchase order must be filed and you need to validate every step.

Order can be placed for Stefano Bemer Shoes where you have the choice of the Style, Size, Width, Last Shape, Sole, Material & Colour.

Ultimately giving you a pair of shoes custom made to your personal preferences. If you have any other questions please send by email. This may include details such as multiple colour or material choices or if you have a material preference not listed on the page.

Please note there are extra costs for some requests.

We have an easy option "Step by Step" and your email is sent to us with your choice of unique shoes. You will then be sent an email confirming your details and the payment options.

We are currently estimating 6 to 8 weeks for Made to Order shoes due to the nature of making a specific unique pair of shoes for each our customer.

Step 1 - Shoe.

the shoe can be chosen between all models of Stefano Bemer Ready-To-Wear collection.

Step 2 - Leather and Colour.

can be chosen the leather and colour or association of colours: Calf, Suede, Camel, Crocodile, Denim, Linen, Patent, Python.

The Patina.

You can do choice the patina. You can check samples of patina at Stefano Bemer shoes.

Step 3 - Lining and Piping.

can be chosen the different leather for piping and a lining. Also good opportunity to try to have a lining different from natural.

Step 4 - Last.

can be chosen type of last.

Step 5 - Sole.

can be chosen the different options for the sole: steel toe, leather sole, half rubber sole, fitted half rubber sole.


The Price of each pair depends on the style selected. This includes a Made to Order surcharge.

Republic of Ireland VAT of 23% only applies for Europe *EU customers. Other Worldwide customers (Non EU) are excluded from this tax. Both prices are shown when a shoe is selected.

Made to Order shoe prices start at: EU: €1,500.00 - Non EU: €1,219.51

The cost of delivery and packaging included to all worldwide destinations.


100% deposit is required when your order is confirmed. As soon as you confirm your order details we will email a weblink to our checkout with your MTO details. This will permit you to use our secure checkout for payment on the JustSoStyle website.

For security reasons we do not hold or store your card details anywhere on our system.

General conditions for the order of goods "Made-To-Order".

Right of Withdrawal.

Return, exchange requests or stop the order does not apply for customized items: Made-To-Order and "Bespoke" items.

The Customer has a right of stop the order may exercise within a period of 7 calendar days following the date of sent of the Order. If such period expires on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a holiday or other non-working day, it is extended until the next working day.

As provided by the provisions of the Consumer Code of Ireland, Customers shall in no case be entitled to a right of the return, exchange or stop their Orders of "Bespoke", "Made-To-Order", personalized Products or Products manufactured-to-their specifications which by their nature can not be resold.

In the event that Just So Style accepted the Customer's refusal to stop the order or other reservations stopping the order, and subject to the above general conditions of online sales, Just So Style can be shall reimburse only 50 (fifty) percent of the total price of the product "Made-To-Order".

Here are some Interesting Examples of what our inspired customers have commissioned.




    Styles & Models of shoes.