Men's handmade shoes

Oscar William English Shoemaker operates like any creator of luxury goods. What’s more, everything revolves around passion for the cultural value of shoes. Oscar William Shoemaker epitomises the sophistication of luxury men’s footwear.

Oscar William not only is a leader in providing of the highest quality footwear in the world but also prides itself on its manufacturing quality and the highest levels of style. Its manufacturing processes never go compromise with the art of handcrafted shoes and provides a uniqueness to the each purchaser giving to them a personal feeling. Oscar William uses traditional British style and is constantly modeling and remodeling its designs and collections to incorporate the latest high fashion details, but staying faithful to its traditional qualities.

All the designs are created to fulfill the needs of the modern, sophisticated man who excels in the world of the fashions and requiring the utmost levels of quality and craftsmanship. To ensure these requirements are met Oscar William takes extra special attention when choosing the raw materials for each and every individual pair of shoes. The purchase of valuable and extremely high quality leather allows for the distinction between good quality and supremely high quality. Oscar William has been able to provide this quality for made to measure and ready-to-wear collections but maintaining this exceptional standard of excellence for both.

Oscar William creations are all made by strictly by hand and by exceptional craftsmen. Shoes are made in a small factory and in limited numbers and require in depth research into leathers, materials and other fine details.

Oscar William has attained the top heights of professionalism and with which has reached out to all parts of the world because he is creates its products with a great sense of passion and pride. In this way, the ancient traditions, the essential qualities and the excellence of workmanship keeps the art of hand crafted shoemaking alive and flourishing.

All the shoes and accessories are made handmade and using the best leather.