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Since the age of sixteen … 

Since the age of sixteen Africa was an inspiration and a dream of designer Miss Sultan Uzin. Having discovered South Africa in 1996 she fell in love with this country contrasted by its savannas, landscapes and its Ndebeles.


In 2001, Miss Sultan Uzin realized her childhood dream to live in Paris. There, she developed a keen interest in all things refined and savoir-faire. Being an excellent collector and lover of noble ostrich leather for 21 years, her passion for South Africa and France forced her to create a very unique and authentic brand. Allowing to reconnect the fascinating past of these two countries and making this beautiful material re-finding its place in the heart of fashion. 

Miss Sultan Uzin in 2015, together with co-founder decided to create a brand of Mvari, taken from Mwari, which means the mythological creator God of Ndebele.

Being one of Africa’s first luxury brands, they contribute to sustainable, ethical and conscious consumption of luxury goods.

Mvari is an uncompromisingly contemporary, refined and timeless brand that invites each wearer to unique journey of beauty and self-expression.


A dream becomes reality…

All items created from the of raw materials - quill, shin and feather part of the skin.  Mvari offers three collection of distinct designs. Mvari’s Creative Director - Melih Yazgan - defines each collection as…

Bele    * Celebrate Sophistication *


This sophisticated collection is a celebration of life inspired by shapes and symbols. Display of colours on exquisite pattern of ostrich gives birth to Mvari’s design foundation. 

Ashi    * Express your style *


This collection as Expression of personal style and free spirit.


Otea * Live your authentic self *


This collection as Representation of femininity and it is expressed through motives that is coming from the heart of nature.

Mvari releases only one collection a year and time-to-time they introduce capsule in  limited editions. Each collection brings sophistication and luxury style into everyday life with a timeless piece.


A luxury ostrich leather house…

We are proud of our cooperation with one of Africa’s first luxury brands. At the heart of everything they create is an innovative design, sophistication and exquisite craftsmanship.

In each collection you will find attention to aesthetic, perfection and balance. Because you can see modern interpretation of accessories from ostrich leather which you never seen before. Mvari strives for innovation and originality in design.


The place of craftsmanship at the core of Mvari brand’s DNA. Mvari has chosen to work with one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers, whose heritage comes from five generations dating since 1855.

Mvari believes in heritage …

Luxury for all products of Mvari, through the materials they carefully select. All leather  is hand picked and comes from one of world’s best tanneries. Each step, from beginning to end, goes through a diligent and thorough quality control system. It is for this reason Mvari a confidentially can give a manufacturing guarantee for all products. 

"Mvari is an uncompromisingly contemporary, refined and
timeless brand that invites each wearer to unique journey
of beauty and self-expression."  Sultan U.