Luxurious handmade handbags from crocodile skins




Kalamarie is a New York and London-based handbag and women's accessories’ brand.

Sisters Karen and Melisa  make their accessories from only the finest materials. Carefully sourced, lovingly treated, masterfully crafted.

They came up with the idea for this brand rather incidentally one day, whilst having lunch together.

Both successful professionals, they had each been through the experience of departing from the loving family home to make lives in foreign countries. Karen and Melissa felt the urge to create something beautiful and unique, like the city in which they were born… the ancient Calamarí, now Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, South America.

The concept behind the brand is a fusion of the mystical, colonial city that inspired the sisters, with their experiences of living as professionals in the west. They want to bring to you accessories that portray utmost sophistication, and yet that have a modern, urban edge.   

We hope you enjoy wearing our accessories as much as they have enjoyed making them for you.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us.


Kalamarie exclusivity comes from luxurious materials and expert handcraft.

Kalamarie crocodile leathers are entirely sourced by a local Colombian farm, under the auspices and strict controls of the Environmental Authority (Ministerio del Medio Ambiente de la República de Colombia). With the purchase of your product, you contribute to the preservation of this much-loved species.

Each piece is tagged with an individual number provided by the Authority, which guarantees that the production of the item was entirely compliant with the international CITES convention.

Sustainability and eco equilibrium are key to our providers and to us. It is ensured that the farming and manufacturing processes are fair and humane.  There is little or no waste in production, as the farm provides for its workers and the locals.

Each of our handbags is crafted by hand, with individually chosen, ethically sourced, crocodile leather and smooth leather. Each color has been hand developed. Kalamarie relies on the expert handcraft of local artisans, trained by an acclaimed Italian craftsman with four generations’ tradition and thirty years’ experience of producing for only the best in the business.

Kalamarie trademark gecko, as featured on our Heritage products, is inspired by the ornate door knockers of the vibrantly-coloured colonial houses of Cartagena.

Kalamarie dust bags are also handmade and embroidered locally in Colombia.

Karen and Melisa periodically work side by side with each of our artisans in the process of design and production. Their providers are a family business just as much as they are and they work in close partnership.




Handbags are made of genuine leather and/or crocodile leather. They are lined in calf leather in our signature Atlantic Blue. 

All handbags crafted by hand. Irregularities in the leather and/or any color unevenness are natural features of the beautiful materials being used.

It may surprise you, but, crocodile skin does not respond well to prolonged moisture. It may crack or bubble if thus exposed. To avoid damage:

Try to keep your handbag from prolonged moisture, such as heavy rainfall or submersion in fluids. If it does get wet, please dry it immediately with paper towels, pack with paper loosely and allow it to dry indoors, at room temperature.

Do not expose your handbag to prolonged direct heat or sunlight, as the color of your handbag may mutate and in so doing, it may not change pleasingly or evenly. 

We provide cotton dustbags with all Kalamarie handbags. When you are not using your handbag, please allow it to rest in its dustbag, where it will be safely protected from humidity, dust and/or any potential scratches.


Kalamarie takes immense pride in its products and they really are our joy.

Each and every single piece is made by hand, by highly-skilled, specialist craft men and women.  All products undergo a rigorous compliance and quality control process.

In the unlikely event that there should be something amiss with one of our products, please do return it to us immediately and we shall endeavour to resolve the issue without delay. 

If there is a defect with the materials or the craftsmanship in one of our pieces, we will gladly repair or replace it for you, provided this is within one (1) year of your purchase. 

If, however, damage is due to wear and tear, accident, a natural mark of the materials, or inappropriate use or care for the product, we will not be able to offer our complimentary repair or replacement service, but will gladly provide you with a quote for its cost.


We want to ensure that you are as happy with our products as we are with your purchase. However, we are a small team. For this reason, we can only accept returned items in their original packaging, in pristine condition and entirely unused, within seven (7) days of delivery to you. We will not be able to provide a refund or exchange until we have received and inspected the returned item. Please see our general Return Conditions for further details.


If you wish to purchase a product which shows as sold out, please feel free to contact us, and we will happily provide you with a lead time to the next delivery date. 


Our all-croc products are made to order. Orders will be placed within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt.  Usual lead time for all croc products is six weeks from the date of order.