How a shoe should fit...

How to Choose the Correct Size

In order to be sure that you are selecting the right size of shoe for you, we strongly recommend that you follow the few following steps:

  • Take a measuring tape, place it on the ground and stick its end against a wall.

  • Place your right foot on the tape and stick your heel against the wall.

  • Measure your foot at its longest point, which may be the tip of your thumb toe or the tip of your index toe depending on your type of toe shape.

  • Find your result in the following table and see the corresponding size. Select the nearest centimeter/inch value, or the upper one if your result is right in between:


A shoe should be tight at the back and not at the front. It should hold the rear of the foot firmly, to stop it from slipping in and towards the toe box, and provide enough room at the front for the toes to move.

In our opinion, it's therefore the instep that determines most of the comfort and correct fit of the shoe (given that the heel cup fits you perfectly, of course), as it's the movement of the foot that causes rubbing and blisters on the heel or ankle, and can cause discomfort to the toes by allowing the foot to slide forward.

When deciding which size of shoe to buy, therefore, make sure the ankle is held tightly around the opening of the shoe and that there is a little space between the faces while the lacing is tighter than you are used to. Once the shoe "moulds" around your foot, it will give and generate further space, so you'd better be on the tight side when you first wear it.