Women's handmade shoes

Filippo Gabriele.

The Filippo Gabriele icon have traits and charme inimitable. Filippo Gabriele gives life to collection emerging incomparable jewel shoes.

The footwear intended as elegance archetype that is masterfully declined by Filippo Gabriele to enhance the femininity and sensuality of women. Alessandra Tonelli, wants to bring back to the center image feminine of a woman with strong seductive connotations.

Filippo Gabriele.

The Filippo Gabriele born, when a few years ago, Alessandra Tonelli in Milan, founded in her Atelier the Company, near Montenapoleone.

Alessandra Tonelli.

Alessandra Tonelli be an expert in fashion system, loving the charm pleasure that luxury transmits, sees culture as the highest ornament and sensual life.
She loves feminine beauty, finding sublime perfection.

Through the times will show a path where the aesthetic side, the passion for travel and for fashion, she has taken her around the world.

From New York to Paris, from Miami to Caribbean destinations. A rich history of costume, cultures, landscapes and metropolis. Alessandra Tonelli it defines a citizen of the world.