About us

The world is an amazing place - so much beauty hides in the folds of nature that our options have become limitless, and our dreams now know no bounds. Every other perspective brings about a whole new world of exquisite beauty that can be melded into something that is an amalgamation of elegance, charm and blinding excellency. And the purpose of JustSoStyle is exactly that to bring your a services and products that boast a unique story and personality of their own.

Quiet discretion is our mantra, maintaining your precious, sophisticated status and diverse culture. We are focused on high-quality products, creativity and craftsmanship, which is fully appreciated by our customers. Our customers educated, open-minded, culturally savvy men & women irrespective of a specific social class.

Some excellent brand names we have united together to craft genuine work from materials originating from the same land as their brand itself, some of whom are:

  • The effort, experience and craftsmanship that goes into purely handmade construction of a shoe is define by Signore Stefano Borella, his shoes is unique and limited as they are coveted all around the world.
  • Olivier Gerardi’s mastery in the handmade of shoemaking reflects in the shoe that Stefano Borella has craft in small workshop.
  • Filippo Gabriele has no competition when it comes to women's shoes as her refined taste and creativity translates into one-of-a-kind shoes.
  • Having started from nothing, Giancarlo Zegarra is now the definition of quality, made-to-order, handmade shoes that are nothing less of a masterpiece.
  • The inspiration they derived from colonial cities reflects in the modern and sophisticated work of the sister duo at Kalamarie.
  • Maison Roumagnole have truly revolutionized the world of accessories from Velvet nubuck taurillon leather & Serena smooth calves leather. and found the perfect balance between elegance, sophistication and tradition.
  • There is a reason why Boot Black has been and will always be a classic-there is simply no other product that would shine and protect your leather with such care and genteel.
  • Boot Black, as vintage as the expression, are aware of just how to make those black boots of yours shine like they are brand new.

If you are someone who respects themselves to be concerned for a stylish look with highest quality standards together with respect handmade work of talented people, then JustSoStyle is the store for you. It is a house of style, immense quality, and revolutionizing fashion that puts quality above budget - it is the haven for premium and luxury products you will not find anywhere else.

We ensure that you have the highest degree of say in the crafting process; which is why the most expensive items are made-to-order explicitly for you, so it is tailored down to the last detail you highlight and is exclusive in the truest sense of the word.

If there is one thing our partner craftsmen do not compromise, it is the quality of our services. The Masters of the Craft manipulate the finest leather into masterpieces that can only be defined as a pleasure to the palate and truly poetic visuals. Follow along with JustSoStyle to experience what real happiness is about!

Best quality will always remain our philosophy.