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How To Style Blush

Blush is the colour of this Summer - and likely of many more to come.

It has taken over our hearts and wardrobes for one simple reason: It is very, very easy to wear. 

For a minimalistic look, team it with smooth cream, add a subtle touch of lace, as above.

But the beauty of blush is that it brings your florals into check and gives them an air of feminine sophistication.

The key with blush is to wear one piece. Don't be matching your shoes to your blush bag, or viceversa. The blush touch of your outfit should be the focal point. Matching too much blush can easily turn into the strawberry-milkshake look, which, if you are aiming for sophistication, you should do your best to avoid.

If you are dressed in blush, then make your accessories a different colour. Go for a bold contrasting colour for day (such as navy blue, green, grey), or for evening time wear with metallics.  

Have a lovely, hot eve...