Women handbags from Kalamarie ~ Half Moon Street

Women handbags from Kalamarie is the symbol of excellent quality and style. This is a classic and unique style.

Let us bring you the moon and the stars...

This collection is inspired by a street of the same name ("Calle de la Media Luna") in the beloved city Karen and Melisa Cartagena (formerly Calamarí), the city where they were born.

Calle de la Media Luna is located at the heart of the Getsemaní area of Cartagena. Getsemaní, which historically hadn't enjoyed the best reputation, has been transformed in recent years and is now a buzzing, enchanting area, full of quaint bars, fun salsa clubs, brilliant tapas bars, lovely boutique hotels and historic hostels.

The history of Calle de la Media Luna is one of rebirth, transition, migration, realistic futurism, creativity and fruition. It is also a history of partying until the early hours under the moon and the stars, by the seaside. It is a happy, joyful story.

Let the joyful season begin...