Women handbags from Kalamarie ~ Black

Women handbags from Kalamarie is the symbol of excellent quality and style. This is a classic and unique style.

TO LOVE & TO HOLD FOREVER. Best sellers in internal black.

Pack Your Holiday Bags... Successfully!

Where are you setting off to this summer? South of France? California? Cartagena?

Wherever you are headed to, and whatever your attitude to holiday packing, there is no hiding from the fact that it is a necessary task! So here to help are, once more, our tips to successful holiday packing:

  1. You will not be able to present all facets of yourself in one trip. So, be prepared to leave most of you behind and take one fabulous, relaxed version of yourself on holiday. Choose two to three styles that you can mix and match;
  2. Maximise the potential of each hard-wear piece. A pair of jeans should see you through a couple of outings with different tops and accessories;
  3. Take outfits that generally fall within the same or in contrasting colour scheme. This way you avoid having to take multiple pairs of shoes, handbags and accessories;
  4. Take your Kalamarie Marie Clutch with you - perfect for day and night and an excellent bag to put in your case, taking up very little space. And for the journey, as well as all those exploring trips, take your Kalamarie Roberta Backpack, our most comfortable and versatile bag yet!
  5. Don’t forget your dry shampoo;
  6. Dresses travel well and easily and are an entire outfit in one single piece. Take a floral one, a stripy one and an evening one;
  7. As you get to your destination, always observe on the salient fashion trend and let us know what it is. What do you see? Share your pics with us on Instagram and Facebook!