Women handbags from MVARI ~ Cape Town * Paris

Women handbags from MVARI is the symbol of excellent quality and style. This is a classic and unique style.

"Mvari is an uncompromisingly contemporary, refined and
timeless brand that invites each wearer to unique journey of beauty and self-expression"

A dream becomes reality…

All items created from the of raw materials - quill, shin and feather part of the skin.  Mvari offer three collection of distinct designs:

  • Bele  "Celebrate Sophistication"

    This sophisticated collection is a celebration of life inspired by shapes and symbols. Display of colours on exquisite pattern of ostrich gives birth to Mvari’s design foundation.

    • Ashi  "Express your style"

    This collection as Expression of personal style and free spiritand.

    • Otea  "Live your authentic self"

    This collection as Representation of femininity and it is expressed through motives that is coming from the heart of nature.

    Mvari releases only one collection a year and time-to-time they introduce capsule in  limited editions. Each collection brings sophistication and luxury style into everyday life with a timeless piece.

    Ashi       Bele       Otea